Thursday, January 22, 2004

almost a year after its inception, i'm shutting down this blog. it's lunar new year, see, and i need a fresh start.

the one of you who reads this knows how to reach me if you need to, anyway. i'll keep writing to myself, but i'm not quite sure what i'm doing, putting my thoughts out there. there's so much other worthwhile stuff to read--better to get a good brainful reading ann's stuff or the many, many intelligent lefty political blogs out there. and, if you want to know how i'm doing, i'd rather you ask.

maybe i'll take up hand-written letter-writing, instead.


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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

for the one of you who actually reads this hooey, WWYD? that is, what would YOU do?

hypothetically speaking, say your 14-year-old car needed "work" to the tune of, oh, let's say $1000. do you:

a) "trade in" (aka junk) your car on a newER car

b) shell out the $1K and hope it lasts you long enough to make it worth your while

c) sell your car for $500 and build yourself a nice little stash of morphine... or try to lobby your local legislature for better local public transportation. either way, it's a waste of time and energy.

i'm guessing not c, then. hm. given options a and b... WWYD?

a) PROS:

a) CONS:

b) PROS:

b) CONS:
am i forgetting anything?

of course, the PROS and CONS listed above should be weighted... somehow. damn that statistician in me! like, the value of having a reliable car (one with some kind of warranty, even)--is that close to the value of the potential un-reliability of your new vehicle? is it greater?

none of this would even be an issue if regular commuter rail (or even bus! bus bus bus!) service were established between portland and brunswick. i think i'll write a letter to my local representative.
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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

what gift do you get for the guy who has everything, then proceeds to give you and your partner his old computer?

beats the hell out of me.

ahh, god love 'im. we now have a "new" computer, complete with internal burner (slick!) that works (slick! slick!) and is expandable and upgradable because, unlike our previous "machines," it's a desktop.

nothing like a clean (slick!), newish, nicely-purring computer to grace the side of your desk. granted that it's equipped with a pentium II, but it's better than our old compy. i hope the kitties don't get jealous.

meanwhile, our other new toy has proved to be oodles of fun. although we seem to be the type of folks who take shot after shot of our (eek!) cats. could we get any more... how should i say it... pathetic?

i guess it's better than the pictures of bushie's beaming puss, which will appear, no doubt, on the teavee tonight as he recites his state-of-the-union sto--i mean, speech.

points for anyone who can find me a place where i can read the transcript of the speech, rather than listen to him.

bonus points for anyone who can tell me where "teavee" comes from.
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Wednesday, January 14, 2004

when i saw this site (and i reFUSE to give them any more power by giving them yet another link to their page--you can access it from Rahne's post for today, i laughed out loud. c'mon, now. DA-DI? this acronym means (for the curious among you) "Dads Against the Divorce Industry," and this page is choc-a-bloc full of all kinds of right-wing insanities--o! too many to list. misogyny, homophobia, racism--you got it all here, folks! and, hey! look! they found the "homosexual agenda"--it's right there at the bottom right of the page!

ooo, don't forget to check out their reading list--and remember to NOT read any of those pathetic excuses for "books." better yet, read 'em, and deconstruct them for yourself--know thine enemy and all of that. but, wait, what's that one that's co-authored by Sylvia Ann Hewlett and Cornell West--a "feminist scholar and noted African American intellectual" on the Amazon page for that book? what's that one doing there? hmm, someone should notify them about that... but it's not going to be me. the webpage is even funnier with that book on there. now, i might have to read it.
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Friday, January 09, 2004
--Ani Difranco, "Promised Land"

sortof puts most of america into perspective, doesn't it? i mean, it's hard to focus on the military-industrial complex when the heat in your car is broken (i.e., not working) and puts the current temp reading at NEGATIVE EIGHT DEGREES (Fahrenheit, folks, not Celsius). not that that's, like, happened to me today, or anything.
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Thursday, January 08, 2004

that i have added commenting to my weblog. thanks to Nik for making it possible... and so freakin' easy. i guess i could do this myself if i were smahtah, but who needs more smahts when other people have already done the work for you?

i think i'll send him a couple o' bucks for making my life just a wee bit easier. go, nik, go.
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although i'm not entirely sure that this Bob fellow is a Taoist, i agree with most of the thinking behind his posts. perhaps more importantly, several of them made me laugh out loud.

verdict: he's one of the good eggs.
the last word: man, i wish men who identify themselves as left-wingers (as much as i want to hug them) would be more conscious about the ways in which gender structures their daily lives and imbues them with privilege, whether or not they asked for it. for that matter, i wish the same for white people and race, well-off people and class, and straight people and sexuality. in fact, i wish everyone sought out a better understanding of power structures that crisscross virtually every decision made, every action taken in their daily lives--myself included. dig?
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Wednesday, January 07, 2004

aaaaa! i don't mean to be a grammar curmudgeon, but, if you intend to send written documents to a large number of people (e.g., more than 10), please please PLEASE learn when to use commas and apostrophes. For example,

Incorrect: Clare's assertions about "correct" grammar might be perpetuating classism, and not making the world a happier place as she intended.
Correct: Clare doesn't mean to be overly elitist, and she doesn't really want to lord a particular kind of education over anyone's heads.

Incorrect: Nevertheless, Clare will burn any professional document's containing these types of error's.
Correct: Clare will take no prisoners, unless said prisoners' excuses include: "I was dead" or "my name is Leonard Shelby."

super-extra bonus points (i.e., hugs) to folks who use "effect" and "affect" appropriately.

enormo-faboo-huge bonus points (i.e., kisses) to folks who can tell the difference between "i.e." and "e.g."
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in the true spirit of geekdom, i just discovered that the most recent version of acrobat features some major functional improvements that allow me to do all kinds of neat and useful things with .pdfs--like highlight text, take snapshots of pieces of documents, and search for words and phrases. wowee! where have i been since it came out?
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